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Online Poker Bonuses

Just like online casino sites, online poker sites are littered with bonuses too, and these are just as important, if not more so than their online casino bonus cousins. In poker, money can disappear thick and fast if you’re not careful, so it is always important to make sure that you have a rich and thick stack of chips; something that online poker sites allow you to ensure when you use poker bonuses.

Just like online casinos, the most common bonuses are welcome bonuses. A typical poker bonus works in relatively the same way. A player will register and sign up at an online poker site, and deposit a specific amount of money into their new account to play online poker with. The online poker site will then match that amount by a specific percentage, and reward the figure to the player as free welcome bonus money, which they can then use to play poker games at the poker site.

However, this money has a wagering requirement attached to it: The player must meet the wagering requirements of the poker bonus, before they are eligible to withdraw their winnings. The same principle is applied to any casino bonus too.

Now, there are other bonuses in the poker world too. One of them is called a rakeback. Unlike land based casinos, who take rakebacks as commission for players playing poker, online rakebacks are quite different. A player can receive rakebacks when playing in with online poker promotions. These are generally cashback opportunities, so should not be confused with the land based poker rakeback. In online poker, rakebacks are certainly a good thing.

Furthermore, some online poker sites offer loyalty points just like online casinos. These are points awarded to player for every wager they place, which over time can be accumulated and later redeemed for real money from the house, which is to be used on poker games.

Online poker sites also pride themselves in offering tournaments and freerolls. Freerolls are virtually free poker games, which allow players the chance to win money, at no loss to their own funds. New players are generally offered freeback tournaments, and other such luxuries when they sign up at the poker site.
Other perks can include entry into tournaments, competitions, and a whole range of daily, weekly or monthly offerings in the form of poker bonuses, from your favourite online poker sites.