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Poker tournaments online

If you are seriously considering playing poker with the big boys (or girls), you will need to know just how poker tournaments work, which ones to enter, and how to gain entry! Luckily, the concept of tournament poker isn’t that difficult to grasp. Here’s a brief guide, to the world of poker tournaments for you.

Sit & Go tournaments are very common and quite popular in the gambling world. Sit & Go tournaments are played with very few players, almost never more than 30 players at any one time. Sit & Go tournaments get there name because any player can join, by merely getting yourself to the table, and awaiting the beginning of a tournament.

Satellite tournaments are designed for beginners or poker amateurs, as they offer low buy-ins. Generally, the major reward for competing in Satellite tournaments is that players will win a seat at a much bigger tournament, with a much larger prize. This means that they can enter big tournaments, without having to stump up the hefty buy-in for the competition. Satellites are also sometimes referred to as Qualifiers.

Those are to major forms of poker tournaments, although there are certainly others you may wish to know about.

A Freeze Out is a simple tournament offered almost everywhere. In this tournament, each player starts with the same amount of funds, and the game continues until one player has won the lot.
Re-buy tournaments allow players to re-buy an unlimited amount of times. This tournament is similar to the Limited Re-buy tournament, which only permits players to re-buy chips within a specific period of time.  These tournaments can also be called Add-On Tournaments.

A Shootout is an adaption of a Satellite tournament, which sees the winner of the tournament move onto a bigger table. The final winner will be the player who wins at the big table. This tournament is also sometimes called a Multi-Table Tournament.

And finally, there is the Freeroll, which is commonly offered by online poker sites. The Freeroll Tournament allows players to play poker without coughing up any of your own money. Almost non-existent in real land-based casinos, this type of tournament is huge online, and is a great chance for players to not only practice their poker skills, but also pick up some real money wins in the process.