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Rank of hands in poker

Most gamers know how to play poker, although even some of the most skilled amateurs are still a little frosty on the order of the hands. If you are brand spanking new to the world of online poker, or even if you just need to hone and sharpen your poker hand knowledge a little bit, we’re here to help!

Depending on what kind of poker game you are playing, a High Card can be the lowest accepted hand. Generally, Jacks or tens are considered to be the lowest acceptable high card. In most poker games though, players will at least need to have a Pair of cards; that is, two cards with the same numeric (or face) value.

In the really big poker games, a Two Pair may be considered the lowest winning hand that a player may have. A two pair consists of two sets of pairs, out of a five card hand. For example, two 3s and two 8s would be considered a Two Pair.

A Three of a Kind trumps that hand, and when a player has three cards of the same face value, and two irrelevant cards, they would have this hand. Three 6s would be considered a Three of a Kind, for example.

This hand can be beaten by a Straight. In order to have a Straight, a player will need to have all five of his or her cards in numerical order. An example of a straight would be 4,5,6,7 and 8; in any colour or suit.

A Straight is beaten by a Flush. If a player has a Flush, they will have all of their 5 cards in the same suit, irrespective of numerical or face value. A Flush can be beaten by a Full House. In order to win with a Full House, a player must have three cards in of one value, and two of another. In other words, a Full House is a Three of a Kind and a Pair; such as three 4s and two Kings.

Four of a Kind trumps that, and requires a player to have four cards all of the same value.
This hand is beaten by the Straight Flush. If a player has this hand, they will have all five cards in the same suit, and in numerical order. An example of a player holding a Straight Flush will see them with 7, 8, 9, 10 and Jack, all in the same suit.

The highest hand in regular poker games is a Royal Flush, although it is very rare. This hand consists of 10, Jack, Queen, King and an Ace, all in the same suit. Nothing can beat a Royal Flush in standard poker.

In some poker variants, Five of a Kind also becomes available, due to the presence of wild cards (jokers or occasionally, twos - deuces) that can substitute themselves for any symbol that you may need), though this is not considered a true standard poker hand.