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The World Series of Poker

Without a shadow of a doubt, the king of all poker tournaments is the World Series of Poker. This is where all the legends come from, where the greats are born, and where amateurs can go from nobodies into world famous poker players. It all starts with the World Series of Poker tournament.

The World Series of Poker tournament is held every year, and was founded in 1970 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Currently the tournament is sponsored by Caesars Entertainment, and is held in Las Vegas. The tournament originated when Benny Binion invited seven friends to the Horseshoe Casino for a single tournament game. A WSOP bracelet is awarded to the winner of this buy-in poker tournament, which ends with the Main Event, a No-Limit Hold’em game with a multi-million dollar cash prize.
 Last Year’s winner picked up eight and half million dollars in prize money, in a competition that was entered by over six thousand players.

There aren’t so many poker players in the world that can afford the buy-in to compete in the tournament directly, and so many players seek entry via satellite tournaments, which take place throughout the year, in many different locations across the world, and even online, to a certain degree.

The World Series of Poker is considered to be the main event in the world of professional poker, with the winner of each year deemed to be the World Champion of poker. Such is its popularity, that it is now shown in over 50 countries across the globe, and attracts a lot of media attention due to the vast sums of money involved.

Only the best players ever get anywhere near the World Series of Poker event, with anybody who isn’t top of their game, falling by wayside fairly early on. This poker event is open to all players who either have the cash to play, or can gain entry via satellite rounds, but make no mistake; the World Series of Poker is an elite competition.

This year’s tournament is currently on-going and there is plenty to play for, with the largest turn out of professional poker players ever, and a larger prize pot being winnable than ever offered before. Then there is the not so small matter of picking up one of those hugely coveted bracelets!